Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I am back!!!

Hello everyone I know i have been away for a while but during that time a lot of crazy stuff happened. My husband got deployed  overseas then we moved from upstate NY back to NJ with orders to Fort Dix and after a month of moving we got affected with hurricane Sandy.  Well we just recently got settled in late November in another new home and we had to start from scratch, I have to say many of the things we got at the house were all donations from many wonderful people.  But i have to specially thank my daughter's   Mei-Li school for being so helpful and supportive, as soon as we got the house the nurse from the school and my daughters teacher brought us all the essentials, blankets, cloth, dishes, pots and food. I went through all of this while my husband was away because I thought that it would be much easier for the kids if they started school in NJ instead of taking them out half way from NY.  He is home now thank God for that.  
Thank you everyone for your patients and I will be posting lots of delicious recipes.  
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